OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi Part 2
Testing latest build (Aug 24), first impression Boot-Time a little longer since latest build (Aug 22). 3D Problem, that TV doesnt automatic switch to 3D (preferred mode = none) still there.

@popcornmix: in thread 175 i should use that specific build and it works. Did you do anything in the release there specificly and if so, could i do it myself in on of the latest builds (e.g. is there special "switch" to make) to make the xmbc nothing to do, and my TV switches automatic to 3D?

thx in advance for the info.

PS:After testing it seems to me, that all the switches (none, SBS, 2D) do nothing on the picture if i in 3D Mode manually, only affects the menu of xbmc. If i go to 2D the pictures stays in 3D an the Cursor is still on 3D SBS e.g.!


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