OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi Part 2
(2013-08-25, 17:33)popcornmix Wrote: @doveman2 and @MilhouseVH

There is a thread for dirty rectangle bugs:

Ideally turn on visualizedirtyregions and set algorithmdirtyregions to 1 or 2 and take a screenshot.
It should show what area of the screen is getting unnecessary updates.

I did try that before and couldn't see any dirty rectangles on the settings screens, the only one I found was on Recently Added with scrolling text.

I'll try again though just in case the newer build has changed things there but I doubt it.

(2013-08-25, 17:33)Martijn Wrote:
It's not like you spend all day in settings right so this is just a very minor detail

I think you underestimate it IMHO, as it means I have to warn people not to leave XBMC on these screens or it will peg the CPU at 90%, wasting energy and creating unnecessary heat, thus shortening the life of the RPi for no reason. Users shouldn't have to be worrying about which screen they might have left it on and remembering to go back to Home every time they leave it idling.

(2013-08-25, 17:31)MilhouseVH Wrote: I can reproduce the above from doveman2, although I've included all the GUI performance patches from stupid-boy. For me, moving from the left column (Settings -> Video -> Library, ~9% CPU) to the right ("Show plot for unwatched items") causes the CPU load to jump to 55% (1GHz Pi). So it looks like there's a few additional GUI optimisations needed...

Strange that your CPU is so much lower than mine as I'm currently overclocking to 1000/450 with overvoltage=4.

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