OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi Part 2
(2013-08-28, 18:55)popcornmix Wrote: Can you upload a sample file that is misbehaving?
Note that short files do reduce the sizes of StepForward/Back (i.e. if the step value is 10 seconds and the sample file is only 60 seconds long, the step is reduced).

Ah, that would explain the test files then as most were around 30s long. The ones that did around 10s for BigStep instead of 3mins and 2s for Step instead of 15s were those clips around 3mins long.

So maybe when playing TV Recordings or LiveTV, it gets confused about the length and so will only jump 1s forward. The recording I was trying the other night was actually still in progress, which might have made it harder for it to correctly work out the length. Other than that, it's been happening a lot I think with LiveTV, even though it's been playing for some time and so the timeshift buffer has 8-10mins in it, it still often won't step back/forward properly.

I just tested with some old TV Recordings (still in .ts format) and I only had a problem with one, where I did two BigStepForwards (3mins each) and then a BigStepBack but instead of going back 3mins it went to the start and froze until I pressed stop. It probably just had some corruption in the file which confused XBMC though.

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