OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi Part 2
@popcornmix: I'm seeing a problem with my most recent Gotham build of OpenELEC (master, c105724e9571e40e1b08dee94bb2cf1b9217d0af) and the newlock3 patch: Increase audio buffer between arm and gpu

With this patch applied to Gotham master, the following trailer Star Trek Into Darkness, will buffer nicely and audio/video will show no problems until the very end, at which point the audio fifo (af) will show an increasingly negative amount, and playback will never actually finish (stuck on blank - black - video with silent audio), until STOP is pressed.

See screenshot below where playback has completed - but not stopped - and the audio fifo is showing an ever increasing negative amount:


In the above image, aq is 0%.

Debug log is here. Playback begins at 03:35:42, completes at about 03:36:46 (but doesn't end). I took the above screenshot then pressed STOP at 03:39:04.

Without this patch - but with all other rbp/omxplayer patches applied - the stream ends correctly. Apply the above patch, and the stream never ends.

Most other streams don't exhibit this problem, so far it's just this one stream.
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