OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi Part 2
Re: Step/Seek/Skip problem:
(2013-08-30, 18:44)Neil Coggins Wrote: You will find that if you use BigStep repeatedly, the step size will gradually increase from the 1-2s until it reaches around 1m, and then (assuming your recording is long enough) it'll suddenly start working properly.
I can confirm that I have the same behaviour with Myth as is reported here re TVHeadend (and has been reported by Doveman respecting MediaPortal. The skip gets progressively longer as show proceeds, until the skips are the correct length.

NB: I reiterate that the recording time fields (as shown in confluence) are reporting incorrect information. The right hand field, which is supposed to be program length, shows the position in the recording. This number changes as playback proceeds. The left hand field, which is supposed to be the position, is a large number (many hours) and does not change.

Clearly, XBMC is extracting/reading and using the wrong numbers in several (if not all) PVR plugins, and it is at the root of this bug.

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