OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi Part 2
Just wondering if there is a memory leak in Gotham/master (with newlock3 patches).

I'm testing on a 512MB Pi (128MB GPU) running OpenELEC which is NOT loading SYSTEM into RAM, so the Pi starts off with about 230MB free memory once XBMC had displayed the GUI (although in Frodo, this would be closer to 300MB free).

However in Gotham, I'm seeing free memory now go as low as 36MB, and I've never seen free memory go this low with OpenELEC Frodo (also with noram set in cmdline.txt) - Frodo builds would run for days with around 250-300MB free.

Does the new caching approach in Gotham really use this much RAM? If I'd loaded SYSTEM into RAM (which itself requires about 100MB) I wonder if I'd have experienced an OOM situation. Or is there a leak. Or am I panicking over nothing? Smile

See this pastebin which shows the free memory before, during and after playing a movie. Note how the free memory drops dangerously low, and has remained low for several hours so it doesn't look like it is being released. I've also included the details from top, and after restarting xbmc.bin you can see a lot of memory is released, getting the system back to roughly where it should be. At the very end is the amount of free memory available just after booting the system once the XBMC GUI has appeared.

Is anyone else seeing anything similar?
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