OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi Part 2
@popcornmix: I'm not entirely sure how this memory is being used, just that on a Frodo system it's closer to 300MB "free" while in Gotham it's down as low as 36MB.

I've not (yet) had an OOM, though this is the lowest I've seen the free memory go. Thinking about it, I had just built for the first time with the newlock3 3D patch (even though I don't have any 3D movies)... after the football is finished I'll remove that patch and run some more tests (although it could take some hours to get meaningful figures).

However, even without the 3D patch, I have seen noticeably higher-than-Frodo memory consumption in Gotham, maybe due to the extra a caching, but no where near as much as I saw today.
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