OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi Part 2
Apologies if this is a known / discussed issue .....

I've been noticing some strange CPU utilisation while on the main Movie list page (viewed across SSH via 'top'). This is with latest rbej frodo build but I have also seen similar issue with recent gotham builds too. Library is accessed across a NFS share and datebase is MySQL on separate NAS. Default Confluence skin with scrolling plot disabled.

The utility of CPU seems highly dependent on what view is selected. In 'thumbnail' view I see CPU use of around 30%. This rises to 40% in 'list' or 'big list', to around 60% in the 'media info' views, right up to close on 90% when in 'thumbnail' view. However when I remain in 'thumbnail' view but select 'hide information' in the side panel options CPU drops to around 30% !!!

Why would the display of this info take such a large amount of processing? Especially with scrolling plot disabled. Is there any other settings that may effect this?

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