OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi Part 2
Dear Popcornmix et al,

Please can we add to the config.txt file for the distribtion 3.1.8 and going forward, and 3.0.7 if it comes out, the following option with a comment about it:

#Stops HDMI res-sync issues between raspberry and external AMPs (needed to achive near gapless audio play back in some situations)

I have tried it with my Raspberry model B, and Yamah AMP connected via HDMI and albums now play as if listening to the original CD from my CD player!
I personnall would like it on by default.... lol but then I would, but it should be in there as an option to enable. I could not find this documented
on the RPI site/forum, it has taken me since last September to get this going, as I did not assoicate the issue with montiors or popping sounds lol.

Again I would like to thank Popcronmix for suggesting this in another thread I posted in. I am sooo so happy with openelec 3.1.6 now.


(if you want me to test a build with this in let me know and where to grab it fromand I will)

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