OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi Part 2
(2013-09-08, 19:37)popcornmix Wrote:
(2013-09-08, 19:33)javaboyuk Wrote: Please can we add to the config.txt file for the distribtion 3.1.8 and going forward, and 3.0.7 if it comes out, the following option with a comment about it:

#Stops HDMI res-sync issues between raspberry and external AMPs (needed to achive near gapless audio play back in some situations)
I have tried it with my Raspberry model B, and Yamah AMP connected via HDMI and albums now play as if listening to the original CD from my CD player!
I personnall would like it on by default.... lol but then I would, but it should be in there as an option to enable. I could not find this documented
on the RPI site/forum, it has taken me since last September to get this going, as I did not assoicate the issue with montiors or popping sounds lol.

Again I would like to thank Popcronmix for suggesting this in another thread I posted in. I am sooo so happy with openelec 3.1.6 now.

Maybe. It needs testing. It may well cause problems when dts/ac3 passthrough is enabled.
But can anyone who's interested in this please add the config.txt option, and report back if it's good.

Hi Popcornmix,

tested it out in my config.txt, cause if i used the 30 sec or 10 min standard jump mode in a mkv (mostly TV Series) i had a resync Problem of Picture and sound thats gone worse, everytime i push the 30 sec forward Button... in some cases after 3-4 jumps, i had 1,5 or 2 gap between Picture and Sound in a TV-Show.

Now with:
hdmi_force_open=1 (the idea from JAVABOYUK)
hdmi_force_edid_audio=1 (my own editing to force DTS/DD put through Receiver)

... there are no resync issues ever! I can jump forward and backward and Picture and Sound are always equal!
Great Tip and works for my Installation (RASP ->HDMI to -> TV then -> HDMI to Receiver)


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