OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi Part 2
WOW 3.2 is really really really fast. The boot time is insanely fast, menus are faster, starting media is faster, its incredible.

The issue I had with
(2013-09-11, 12:49)Wanderlei Wrote: I get speaker popping when I first start to play something now I have R-Pi connected directly to receiver/amp.
(2013-09-11, 16:47)Wanderlei Wrote: Yeah HDMI, they only pop once at the very start, after that its fine. Although occasionally no audio will play and it just screeches static.

Pinpointed when it happens, it happens if a different audio format is played. For example if I play something with dolby audio then play something with with AAC it will pop at the start. But wont happen if I play the same audio format again.

Seems to have disappeared as far as I can tell. (Which is good news for me because I had the amp booked in for warranty repair and I had to drive to another city to drop it off.)

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