OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi Part 2
It's not just the EPG screen being open that causes TV audio to break up and stutter, it's also on Home and other pages, so it seems there's an issue with having the GUI displayed whilst TV is playing. It hasn't always been a problem though. I note that the debug OSD shows XBMC using around 70% CPU at these times but overall the CPU is 97-100%. With TV visible, it's normally around 35-40% but on some programmes/channels it's been much higher, around 75% for some reason. When I get this audio breakup and then close the GUI to go back to TV, it tends to freeze and breakup the picture for maybe 10s before it sorts itself out and starts playing normally again.

One cool fix though, changing channel via the EPG now closes the EPG after the new channel has started whereas the EPG used to stay open and I had to press back twice to show TV again.

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