OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi Part 2
(2013-09-25, 08:50)rbej Wrote: Frodo Branch Updated

- updated firmware

- [rbp/omxplayer] Add caching of states to reduce number of round trip delays to GPU

- [rbp/omxplayer] Add wait for buffers done calls

- [rbp/omxplayer] Handle timeouts greater than a second

- [rbp/omxplayer] Callback context pointer is not needed once in the class

- [rbp/omxplayer] Add timeouts to buffer calls

- [rbp/omxplayer] Remove warnings from event logging calls

- [rbp/omxplayer] Add more event logging

- [rbp/omxplayer] Signal bad state on decode error

- [rbp/omxplayer] We should block until buffers are released

- [rbp/omxplayer] Load OMX dll just once

- [rbp/omxplayer] Remove component locking

- [rbp/omxplayer] Avoid submitting too large audio buffers

- [rbp/omxplayer] Fix bugs with jpeg parsing

After updating to this, my RPi just gets stuck on the OpenElec splashscreen. It corrupted the SD card as updating always does for me (I'll try getting a different SD card soon and see if that helps), so I put it in my PC and copied across the files that way, as I've done before (everything from bootloader/ except I kept my config.txt) and SYSTEM and KERNEL renamed to kernel.img but whilst that normally works, it isn't now for some reason.

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