OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi Part 2
(2013-10-03, 22:43)MilhouseVH Wrote:
(2013-10-03, 20:21)allan87 Wrote: I wonder if this is the reason for theneverstill's buffering issue: "All movies ended up being in the neighborhood of 40GB".

Unless my quick math is wrong, this would require a transfer rate of about 45 Mb per second for a 2 hour movie. While that is well within the theoretical transfer rate of USB 2.0, I am pretty sure I saw benchmarks indicating actual transfer speeds (from fast USB keys) in the 20s. As I recall, the benchmarks were in the discussion about speeding up the Pi by using a USB key for the storage volume.

You're mixing up your Mb and MB. A 40GB 2 hour movie would average 5.5MB/s, or about 55Mb/s (using 1MB=1000KB etc.). USB2 is rated at 480Mb/s, and 25MB/s read rate from USB should be possible on the Pi (with up to 12MB/s over wired ethernet). So a 40GB 2 hour movie shouldn't be a problem.

Though obviously the above is just the mathematical average bit rate, the movie could have some very high bit rate screnes which challenge a Pi, which is also why quoting the file size of the movie is pretty much irrelevant - the bitrate details from something like MediaInfo are more useful/relevant.

(2013-10-03, 20:37)allan87 Wrote: Re the shutdown bug — I have been sending a reboot command via ssh when I have this problem, assuming this is less likely to cause corruption than pulling the plug. Does that make sense. Is there a better way?

The "reboot" command would be preferable to pulling the plug, but until the bug is fixed there is no better solution.

@allan87 & @MilhouseVH

Thanks for the replies and the suggestion to send media-info data. MilhouseVH was spot on - it reports the bitrate overall is 57,597 kb/s (this particular movie was 50GB). How do I tell what the bit rate is at specific scenes? Is there anything else I could check that would help?


Does anyone have a reply about if I should be including that advancedsettings.xml that is hosted on those two sites with the latest builds?

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