OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi Part 2
(2013-10-04, 16:18)theneverstill Wrote: You know, I didn't even consider to check the clock settings because I figured these builds would already include the overclock by default. Is that not the case? What are the default clock settings? (I can check when I get home, but someone else might be able to reply before I am able to do that.) I'd like to stick with the overclocks managed through the raspi-config utility. Has anyone had success with Turbo? High? Medium? I guess I'll try them all. If anyone reading this is having success with Turbo let me know.

OpenELEC isn't overclocked with default config.txt, that's only the case in XBian and RaspBMC. My rpi runs rock solid with a relatively modest overclock of


I don't like to go further to avoid instabilities and sdcard corruption, and it already performs very well with these settings. Of course, you have to try your own settings as every rpi performs different. The maximum for mine using openelec is around 950/350/510/6 for the above mentioned settings, but I don't feel like finding the exact best settings Wink Btw, a good way to test for stability and sdcard corruption is to scrape the entire movie or tv series library, provided you have a certain amount of files to stress the rpi some minutes.

With OpenELEC 3.2.2 official (Frodo), I can play fine a bluray remux version of skyfall with overall bitrate of 33.9 Mbps and a maximum overall bitrate of 48.0 Mbps from usb hdd (ntfs formatted), with dts hd master audio stream selected. The cpu reaches 100% for short instants, but the video keeps playing and doesn't buffer. So indeed, PCM could be the problem in your case, as your files even go beyond bluray specification for the bitrates.

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