OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi Part 2
I order a new transcend in the next week USB 3.0 Transcend 780 8GB Stick

Tested with 30sec scroll fanart
My next test with 30sec(Automatic stop in 30 sec) scroll fanart USB-Stick vs. SD-Card:
The USB-Stick stops later in the movie list, he is FASTER.

My next test with usb-stick:

I add this and reload my textures:

All fanarts 512px and all fanarts are 720px, its ok!

Tested with 30sec scroll fanart movies(Automatic stop in 30 sec), the result i stop in the same Movie with old and new settings!
I cannot see a performance different to my old settings:

This tweak has no effect! Sorry, @popcornmix.

Next problem, i cannot install amber skin in this build, it is incompatible. Now i cannot see the skin do install it

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