OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi Part 2
Hi popcornmix,
I have installed both Sams nightly 'speed' build and miappa newclock3 build, (RaspBMC XBMC test builds) both based on your newclock3 speed ups.
If I use the mouse to control video, when I move the mouse the progress bar at bottom of screen appears as expected, but I don't get the buttons ie fast forward, fast rewind, pause, stop etc. so I do get the progress bar, but not the buttons, occasionally they will briefly appear, but then disappear again, the mouse movement seems very slow as well. If I use the XBMC android remote the buttons will appear and work fine. I am using 720x576i resolution.
If I revert to Sams release build or his latest nightly omxbackport4 the mouse works perfectly in video.
Hope this is useful.
Regards, Kevin.

Sorry just realised this has been reported in Full screen video osd broken

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