OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi Part 2
(2013-10-28, 12:15)MrNice Wrote: Last question; I am a newbie with the unofficial builds, with few words what are the differences in features between your, rbej and official build?

In general official builds use the code from
Frodo comes from the Frodo branch (older, more stable, better compatibility with skins/plugins).
Nightly (Gotham) builds come from master branch (much newer, with new feature and bug fixes. Sometimes unstable. May have incompatability with skins/plugins).

Because Frodo branched so long ago (about 10 months ago) when the Pi support was very new, a real Frodo build is quite dated.
It has no ff/rew, or dual audio. It is slower and has more bugs.

So, raspbmc and openelec and rbej have been producing Frodo builds from my backports tree:

This is basically Frodo xbmc, but with most of the Pi specific changes from Gotham ported across. These build are recommened for most people.

There are also newclock3 builds from this tree:

This is even newer than Gotham/nightly, and includes test patches I'm working on before they get accepted into mainline xbmc code.
This is where the "speed" and multichannel audio builds have come from.

Different builders may include additional patches. Mine tend to be "vanilla" newclock3.
rbej sometimes has newer PVR or ffmpeg patches pulled in.
openelec and raspbmc have there own patches they add.

You can't really know what is best without trying them.
Newer generally means better performance and extra features, but some skins or plugins may not work.
If you like to help with testing and are happy to report bugs, then use one of the newclock3 builds.

Otherwise pick the newest Frodo (backports) build you can find.

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