OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi Part 2
(2013-11-05, 05:37)allan87 Wrote: I have tried both Milhouse and Chris Swan's Nov 4 builds and, sadly, I can't get them to play either locally stored (nfs) video or pvr (mythTV) recordings... Black screen, no sound.
Good news. I have Nov 4 Milhouse working.

1st - I don't know whether one or the other of these fixed the video, but when I rebooted after reinstalling, video worked (but not audio):
• I was using a new guisettings file.
• I installed the update manually (replaced all of the files on the SD Card system partition with the fresh files from the new build, except config.txt and cmdline.txt — Openelec.ico, bootcode.bin, start.elf, etc, were all older than the copies included with the build). .

2nd - When I checked audio settings, my original settings were gone, and audio was set to analog rather than HDMI. After correcting the settings, audio was fine.

So far so good.

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