OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi Part 2
OK, so my SD card only had one partition so I had to write it with an image I had and then copy back the files to the first partition. However, the 2nd partition is only about 800MB so I need to expand that to use the full 16GB. I'd tried previously accessing it in a Linux Virtualbox but that doesn't work. EASEUS Partion Master can access it in Windows but it doesn't know about ext4, only ext2 and ext3, so I couldn't use that to create an ext4 partition and probably won't be able to use it to expand one either. It's a shame there's not some tool in OpenElec we could use from the commandline to do this.

I've got tvheadend working again after copying across the settings from the USB, along with remote mappings, sources.xml, etc. I was able to install xTV-SAF v1.3.3.928 from a zip (1.3.3 from addons is marked Broken along with most of the other skins). I didn't think it was working at first as it gives no indication after selecting the zip that it's doing anything and I only realised it was when I looked at the logs but after about 5mins it asked if I wanted to switch to it, so I knew it had installed and I'm using it now.

So I'll just have to see if I still get problems with TV or not now. This is the log so far in case anyone wants to compare to my previous ones

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