OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi Part 2
(2013-11-24, 18:33)mikeb93 Wrote: Is the Shutdown bug in the Gotham builds fixed?

Seems to be fixed, yes.

(2013-11-24, 18:33)mikeb93 Wrote: I assume i can just upgrade to the latest build from MilhouseVH coming from the latest Frodo rbej build?

Yes, although if you experience any problems (resolution/display problems etc.) you may want to try removing your guisettings.xml and restart.

(2013-11-23, 22:08)swetoast Wrote: MilhouseVH tried your build (post 1425) it booted just fine but when i started to flip throu my movies and series with Yatse it kept on crashing repeatedly

A debug log (wiki) might help - after you reboot you should find the previous log called xbmc.old.log.

Edit: When you say crashed, how do you mean exactly - Yatse crashing, XBMC crashing, OpenELEC crashing, Pi hanging? There is a JSON problem with my last build (fix committed) which would cause the webserver to crash when calling Files.GetDirectory (which Yatse may be calling, I don't know).
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