OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi Part 2
I'll take a crack at providing some basic info (relevent as of November 29, 2013) in response to your question.
- rbej does frodo and gotham builds. You can search for info about the differences between gotham (xbmc pre-alpha 13) and frodo (xbmc 12).
- rbej bases his builds (frodo and gotham) on openelec 3.x
- the release versions of openelec 3.x use frodo
- the recent gotham builds by others (mostly Milhouse) have been based on openelec 4.x
- rbej has not done a new gotham build for over a month. He indicated that there is an issue with 3.2.x that has prevented him from making newer builds.
- Rbej indicated (and it makes sense) that builds based on stable openelec (3.x) will be more stable and have fewer issues than builds based on openelec 4.x (which is very much in development.
- Rbej's latest gotham build, since it is over a month old, will not have the newest refinements/commits/PRs/enhancements/bug fixes AND new bugs.

Another way of looking at it: The most notable improvements made over the past month relate to speed/efficiency/performance. So, I would say:
- Rbej gotham: very stable, fewer bugs;
- Newer builds: faster, more bugs, but working very well for many people.

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