OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi Part 2
Unfortunately I don't have any non-Pi Gotham system to compare this with, but the height/width properties of cached artwork are not always being written to Textures13.db. I've compared this with an OE Frodo x86 system and the height/width is consistently stored in the cache (whether cached via the GUI or http).

However on the Pi, the height/width for local artwork is not being stored, but it is being stored for remote artwork (not sure why - maybe part of the daily re-hashing process?)

It isn't a problem (as far as I can tell), but presumably these height/width fields serve some sort of purpose and it's strange that the Pi* doesn't appear to be populating them consistently, is there maybe a problem or omission in the OMX thumbnail creation pipeline?

For instance on Gotham/Pi:
rpi512:~ # ./ s zombieland
031634|8/8e0f745e.jpg|0000|0000|0009|2013-11-18 11:08:15|2013-11-30 07:40:22|nfs:// (2009)[BDRip]-fanart.jpg
031635|e/ea859e8c.png|0281|0500|0001|2013-11-10 03:15:29|                   |
031636|0/061c901f.png|0310|0800|0001|2013-11-10 03:15:31|                   |
032248|9/9993f35a.jpg|0000|0000|0001|2013-11-30 07:39:56|2013-11-30 07:39:56|nfs:// (2009)[BDRip]-poster.jpg

And on Frodo/x86:
OpenELEC:~ # ./ s zombieland
016531|9/99b657eb.png|0310|0800|0005|2013-05-28 15:49:43|                   |
019434|c/c947f7eb.jpg|1080|1920|0002|2013-11-30 07:53:32|2013-11-30 07:53:32|/storage/freenas/media/Vi...2009)[BDRip]-fanart.jpg
019703|d/dedb70ef.jpg|0720|0486|0001|2013-11-30 07:54:18|2013-11-30 07:54:18|/storage/freenas/media/Vi...2009)[BDRip]-poster.jpg
016028|e/ea859e8c.png|0281|0500|0003|2013-05-05 01:36:31|                   |

The third and fourth fields are the height and width - on Gotham they're both 0000 for the local artwork.

Can anyone confirm what height/width properties you get for freshly cached artwork on Gotham/x86?

* It could be a Gotham problem and not Pi specific, I simply can't tell right now.
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