OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi Part 2
(2013-12-07, 13:54)popcornmix Wrote:
(2013-12-07, 00:33)corb06 Wrote: I had some trouble with the latest releases. I have the PI connected to the tv with HDMI and the TV is connected to my 5:1 speakers with an Optical cable. I have set tv audio config to Home Theather.
In xbmc I tried setting speaker setup to 5:1 and enableing passthrough with dolby digital reciever and dts capable. However, when I play dts movies I cant hear center speaker, only surroundings. Also my speaker dont get DTS signals, since it just says DD movie in the speaker console. (Logitech Z-5500). Changing speakers to 2:1 seems to work. At least we can hear the voice of the characters, but its not real DTS.

Is the raspberry pi unable to send DTS content? Or do I need to try another build?

Optical audio cannot handle multichannel PCM, so set the speaker configuration to 2.0.
Passthrough (DTS/AC3) should still work and be multichannel if enabled.

However it's quite common for TV's not to support passthrough DTS over toslink, in which case there's nothing that can be done.
You can force DTS/AC3 to be passed through even if support is not reported with (in config.txt):
But that will only help if your equipment does actually support DTS/AC3.

Thanks for the info. I tried hdmi_force_edid but then there was no audio at all when DTS reciever enabled. It might be the TV that is bad at sending the signals via optical. The reciever is DTS capable.
However when I play AC3 series I get on the reciever-console "Digital Content" so its working somewhat. But when playing DTS content there is just artificial 5:1 on the console.

Maybe its time to upgrade my home theathre setup...

Is it better to get equipment where we connect the HDMI cable directly into the reciever? And then send video from reciever to the tv?

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