OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi Part 2
(2013-12-08, 20:23)popcornmix Wrote:
(2013-12-08, 03:39)javaboyuk Wrote: If you search for "crash" you should find an example of an .iso file playing.

If you search for "bride" you should find an example of it failing!

crash is h.264
bride is vc1

You need to buy a licence for vc1 ( click buy codecs, it's only £1.20)

Yes I have just spent time getting my disks back out from storage and re-ripping them using makemkv
and discovered (rather to my shock) that not all Blu-Rays are the same.. some are:
and even Mpeg2
Luckily as you say for a couple of £ I can get to decode all of them!

Just did not reliase, so please forgive the stupied request here!

What is nice is that by putting them into .mkv they seem to stream over a 100mbit link from my media server
on my RPi, which I thought it should if you do the math, but I could not get to work as native .iso (buffering stop
start etc plays 5 secs stops abd would re-buffer)
[EDITE: *** WRONG even over clocked to 900, the cpu shows 100% and the playback is stop start, I don't know
how a came to say the above, I must of choosen the copy on disk of a low bit rate blu-ray?]

[Edit 2: got it working with NFS using FreeNFS from my windows box, but you need to use a script to perform the mount in openelec]

Again guys thanks, this has become an amazing platform due to your hard work!

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