OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi Part 2
(2013-12-10, 13:10)Hip-Gnosis Wrote: @doveman, thanks for getting back to me, but unfortunately I'd already disabled both of those settings.
I'm keen to leave timeshift disabled for the same reason as you... but I'm also keen to stick with the new builds because of the advances made in reducing cpu load since the October 9 build. I find that TV playback is much smoother with these new builds.
If you ever try a new build (hopefully if/when EPG is fixed) and can test for freezing streams (with and without timeshift) I'd really apprciate it! (n.b. not all channels exhibit the freezing issue).

One thing I considered a while ago is making a small RAMdisk to contain the timeshift, even if it was only big enough for 30s (or less) as it would still be nice sometimes to be able to skip back even that little to check something I'd missed. I can't honestly remember what made me give up the idea, so it might be feasible now even if it didn't work out back then and might be something to look into.

Having said that, there's clearly a bug if you need to enable Timeshift now to prevent freezing when this wasn't necessary with the older builds, so it would be better if that was fixed and hopefully it will be sometime.

I'l certainly try and remember to test for freezing streams next time I update though.

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