OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi Part 2
Ok using MH build (latest) 20131212152635-r16540
With as is installed
Playing a Blu-Ray ISO image CRASHES xbmc after playing for about ~20sec
I am playing over NFS from windows with FreeNFS
I have uploaded debug logs:
96940 - which is boot untill crash
96939 - which is the debug as xbmc restarts post boot.

I have also replaced start.elf with a new version start_dts from popcornmix re - the dts "packet" error on play back even though this was some 54 mins later in the movie thought I would give it a go just incase :-)
Still crashed again upload debug logs:
96947 - boot till crash
96946 - the debug as xbmc reboots post crash

I hope that helps.

[Please note I am away from tomorrow morning on holiday without access to my RPI, but will
try and get access to the forum]

[Edit <blush> inserted as links for the logs]


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