OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi Part 2
@MilhouseVH, @mippa and others
There's some new code on:
that may be ready for testing.

This is using ActiveAE engine with a Pi specific sink.
It also enables paplayer for audio. This means that features like gapless audio (cross fading) and replaygain should work.
Also GUI sounds will be using this.

I've been working with FernetMenta the last few days and he's made some AE improvements that makes this look promising.
(And there's plans for a bit more optimisation to come).

I'm thinking about making this the default in the future, but want to check if performance is okay, and there are no stutters, glitches or lagginess on audio.
Video playback will still use omxplayer, and should behave as before.

Your advancedsettings.xml should look like:

(You may find currently the default audioplayer is set to omxplayer).

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