OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi Part 2
(2014-02-04, 14:43)doveman2 Wrote: Thanks. Is there anyway to make it automatically use dvdplayer for these unsupported formats, or does it do that by default?

The main thing I want to try is to see if my brother can use this to play his various unsupported formats, which are all SD (or lower).

I think you have to be patient. These are experimental test builds. I wouldn't advise installing them on someone else's system.
Eventually when this is stable enough it will be pushed into master. Eventually it will make it into stable builds - but this will take months.

Automatically switching between omxplayer and dvdplayer is something xbmc has no infrastructure for (you don't know the details of the stream until the player has opened the file).
So that is not going to be simple to achieve. (It would probably mean removing omxplayer, and creating an omxplayervideo/omxplayeraudio that is contolled by dvdplayer).

It is likely that using dvdplayer as the default player will be satifactory for most users (who never play raw Blu-Ray rips).

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