OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi Part 2
(2014-01-31, 09:55)tuxen Wrote: Edit: ups things move fast here.. Smile

(2014-01-31, 05:36)nola mike Wrote: Kind of a dumb question, but I'm trying to use stable releases the easy way--saw that I can just dump the tar file in the .update folder, but I can't seem to find it?
You have to extract the .tar and put the files from the folder "target" to the folder ".update" on openELEC and reboot. 7zip, winrar, tar Smile, etc can extract the files.

You should be able the reach .update via. Samba \\openelec\update or using winscp, make sure display hidden files is enabled if using the latter. If you still can't find it create it "mkdir /storage/.update" via ssh or use winscp again. A . in front of the file/folder means that its hidden, so a normal "ls" won't list it, you can you the option "ls -a" to display it.

Hope you got a few general pointers.

Thanks for that. I'm actually pretty familiar with Linux, but didn't have an update folder on my system and didn't know what the path should be. Running the storage partition off a USB stick, so maybe that has something to do with it

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