OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi Part 2
my rpi just randomly crashed and got a black screen, then after a restart i discovered it doesn't get to the xbmc logo screen it's just black. So i think im having the same problem as jpcolin. i can ssh, but can't update or change any files. Everything was working perfectly, like i said it just randomly stopped out of nowhere.Huh (on latest MillhousVH build)


i couldn't update via ssh, so i had to do it by sd card reader. Actually i downgraded to official 3.2.3 (i always keep the files on my desktop). I'm pretty sure the latest MillhouseVH build is what caused my problem before because i can boot now, well if i unplug my usb and then re insert it i can. Otherwise it would say could not mount /dev/sda2 (which is what it said sometimes when i booted the last MillhouseVH build). But i do think MillhousVH's newest build changes something with the system because when i tried updating via openelec dev update (to maybe a january build or something), it gave me an error.

"[Errno 30] Read-Only file system. u(OpenELEC-...
Check the download directory in the addon set..."

I have no idea what the above means but for now i can use my pi (addons work), but i cannot update, delete files (via ssh), or drag files to the system (via ssh)

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