OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi Part 2
(2014-02-07, 18:42)vprasinos Wrote: 2 quick questions:

1. Do I need to erase the USB if I upgrade to the latest build? I have a SQL installation. I'm asking because last time I upgraded the SD card with the latest milhouse files Textures13.db on the USB stick got corrupted somehow, some thumbnails would not show. I had to reformat it to ext4 just to be sure.

You shouldn't need to erase anything before the update. If you do find corruption related to to Textures13.db then you can remove just that file and restart XBMC and it will be created again.

Quote:2. At the same time MyVideos75.db got copied to MyVideos77.db and had 2 identical databases to the server (I don't think this corrupted the USB though). This update will create MyVideos78.db from what I understand so I will have 3 identical databases?

The databases are internally different in terms of structure - hence the change. For your purposes they may appear identical but technically they are not. You can remove the older versions and reclaim the space if you wish - if you ever need to go back to an older version of XBMC they will also (re)created automatically.

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