OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi Part 2
The new build r17666 as I see does include popcornmix's fix [rbp/omxplayer] Never trust pts in avi files . However, I don't think this fix does anything on handling judder in panning camera sequences in packed bitstream files.

All previous gotham builds from milhouse deal with the judder in non packed bitstream videos (avis) quite well (judder-free) but packed bitstream ones now play with even more judder than the official 3.2.4. Raspbmc on the other hand deals with the judder very well in those packed bitstream avis and the movie is almost flawless if interlace is also enabled. It doesn't though on the non packed bitstream (it is like official 3.2.4)

So the situation is this. If I want to see a packed bitstream movie I have to use Raspbmc with interlace on and if I want to see a non packed I use milhouse's builds (interlace does not matter). I know popcornmix is up to something here but until then is there any way to rectify the problem with the current milhouse build?

Finally what I noticed in this new build is that if I create a playlist with "Find items whre" Date added last x months and Order by date, the date is shown in the column before the SD/HD icon. Can this be reverted to the previous behaviour where the imdb rating is used?

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