OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi Part 2
The new fix pushed by popcornmix does not work for my files. Here are my issues:

1. Non-packed avis which were judder-problematic with official 3.2.4 were corrected to absolute perfection with previous milhouse builds. The new r17688 with popcorn's fixed timestamp kernels has broken this perfection. Non-packed avis now have judder again. The strange thing is that if I start the file from the beginning there is no judder, but if I resume from a position inside the movie (as I do to test the panning scenes at stake) the judder re-appears! This happens for one time and then if I start the movie for the second time, the judder is always there!! So strange!

2. Packed avis are still not fixed. I am talking not for just a file but for a lot of movies. The situation has improved though from the previous build. It seems like judder-free perfection was drawn from the previous build towards the new one from non-packed to the packed avis. I also managed once or twice (with interlace on) to achieve almost flawless playback to the packed ones.

So for me problem is still not solved. All of the above files play perfectly fine on my Samsung plasma TV internal media player and the PC. Is there a setting I can try? Do you need a sample of the movies?

Also if I context-menu the movie and "Play with..." dvdplayer the movies plays in fast forward while the sound is ok and then cut...

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