OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi Part 2
(2014-02-12, 15:17)doveman2 Wrote: Regarding the issue where the remote volume keys don't repeat, which is apparently an OS-level bug as XBMC doesn't do the repeating itself but relies on the OS to handle this, I wonder if this workaround for Ubuntu can be used with OE?

Raspberry Pi builds doesn't include so this is no go (and this solution only works for keyboards and not for keypress send by lirc).
From a quick googling I guess your remote recognized as keyboard.

Sadly the current state of keyboard support in XBMC is a bit of a mess, with the Raspberry Pi XBMC gets scancodes from the kernel, on OpenELEC x86_64 and i686 from X.Org and on regular Linux distribution from SDL, this is true for Frodo and Gotham.
I've already encountered with the issue you described and more but I didn't thought it worth reporting as the whole keyboard situation seems to me very funny and with Wayland soon on my desktop (Gnome 3.12 next month) I probably will have more issues.

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