OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi Part 2
(2014-02-12, 21:16)dhead Wrote: Raspberry Pi builds doesn't include so this is no go (and this solution only works for keyboards and not for keypress send by lirc).
From a quick googling I guess your remote recognized as keyboard.

Sadly the current state of keyboard support in XBMC is a bit of a mess, with the Raspberry Pi XBMC gets scancodes from the kernel, on OpenELEC x86_64 and i686 from X.Org and on regular Linux distribution from SDL, this is true for Frodo and Gotham.
I've already encountered with the issue you described and more but I didn't thought it worth reporting as the whole keyboard situation seems to me very funny and with Wayland soon on my desktop (Gnome 3.12 next month) I probably will have more issues.

OK, thanks, that's a shame, would be nice to fix this issue.

I'm not sure that my remote is recognised as a keyboard, at least I've never had to do anything with scancodes and I just use lircmap.xml and remote.xml.

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