OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi Part 2
Hey guys, yesterday after i wrote here, i didnt get the remote working anymore with my current installation. So i created a new sd and upgraded to latest milhouse-rls.
After 2 reboots gpio-ir is still working.
I can also confirm that its not a problem with the kernelmodul or lircd. If i run irw at the old installation i get all my buttons everytime (when xbmc is not recognizing them, too). If i enable logging in xbmc, i also see the pressed buttons in xbmc.log. So i think it might have something to do with xbmc by itsself.
I also was struggeling because that error occured random. First i thought it might be because of changing options or installing hyperion. Good to know that other ppl have same problem.
Its a shame that the developer see gpio-ir-user as a minority. For me its the best, cheapest and most unproblematic possibility to use a remote and i think a lot more user think the same.

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