OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi Part 2
(2014-02-17, 22:49)00b5 Wrote: My only other question is how to properly update from OE 3.2.4 (which i got as an img, and used windows to img the SD card with it)?

I copied the 2 kernal & system files to the update folder via the samba share, but I think I should have included some of these 3rd party/bootloader files as well.

No, that's all you need to copy in order to update from OE 3.2.4 to Gotham - the firmware files are actually included inside the SYSTEM file and will be extracted during the update process.

Once you are on Gotham, updating becomes even easier - just copy the entire tar file into the Update folder and reboot the Pi once the copy is complete. OpenELEC will find the tar file, extract the target files then continue with the normal update process.

(2014-02-17, 22:49)00b5 Wrote: That, as well as some pi specific stuff like enabling OC'ing?

There's another thread in this sub-forum discussing overclocking.
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