OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi Part 2
I've uploaded a new build to help test some experimental database optimisations that are being discussed in this thread.

I've run some initial tests and the performance improvement for JSON database updates is huge. To give an example, when updating imdb votes and ratings on three movies:

.         Argo      K-F Panda 2     Avatar
Before: 32.069271      5.011988   22.674556
After:   0.256215      0.670386    0.146922

All times are in seconds.

Performance improvements should be expected anywhere a JSON database update occurs, either in an addon (eg. Artwork Downloader) or a script (texturecache,py).

Since these are experimental database changes I'm not including the changes in my normal builds but due to the significant improvement in performance I wanted to make a build available for anyone willing to help test, albeit at your own risk (take a backup of your MySQL/SQLite MyVideos* databases etc.)

The build can be downloaded here: #0217xp. It's basically #0217c plus the patches discussed in the above thread.

If/when the changes are proven to be safe/reliable/stable, and assuming there is a high probability of the changes being accepted into XBMC master, I'll include them in future "regular" builds. Issues/problems should be posted in the above linked thread.

Edit: Updated the experimental build to include crash-fix patch also added to #0217c
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