OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi Part 2
(2014-02-18, 16:40)Koloss Wrote: @Milhouse: I get it, but my question was what must i clicked in xbmc for execute this SQL Code.

There's nothing to click in particular, as much of the standard GUI (and scrapers) doesn't use JSON for database updates, instead the GUI and scrapers access and update the database directly so don't suffer from performance problems.

However if you're using add-ons that update your database, such as Artwork Downloader, then such add-ons most likely are (or should be) using JSON. It's not recommended for addons to update the database directly, but using JSON to update a movie requires that the entire movie is deleted and re-added even when modifying just one field, this is very inefficient and slow. The patches in this build attempt to optimise movie database updates, potentially resulting in dramatic performance improvements.

I can't really tell you how you should test this, as you need to know which addon installed in your system has a performance problem due to JSON database updates, and then test it before/after. The only addon I know of that uses JSON to update the movie database is Artwork Downloader, but there are doubtless countless others, some of which you may have installed. (And I should add, that this build alone won't make Artwork Downloader performance anything like reasonable, as it has huge performance problems elsewhere even when not updating movies, but at least when it comes to update a movie it should perform much better than before).

Or there is the script in my signature, which has options to update the movie database, however if you're not really familiar with JSON and database updates it might be best to avoid the experimental build for the time being.
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