OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi Part 2
Hi MilhouseVH,
Hi popcornmix,

First I'd like to thank you both for all the great work you do.

Not to be rude at all, not to be a pain, I just would like to know;
Sometime, when I have time, I test the MilhouseVH builds and report here the results I get.
I noticed that few weeks ago, yesterday (post, 3011, 3017) and right now with build: #0217c I get a lot of "bugs" but nobody else seems to have the same.
So my questions are:
- Do I miss something, what could be my mistake to get a so buggy version (see posts 311, 317). Same issue with build : #0217c)
- As I didn't get any answer/questions from you, I conclude that this is not important. Not to be a pain in... but could you just tell me if you want my reports again or not.

Thanks again
Config, video/audio player:
3T HDD <USB> RPi2/Libreelec <HDMI> Denon AVR-2313 <HDMI> LG TV 55UF860V
                                          <nfs wired> Linksys WRT32X router <USB> 4T HDD

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