OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi Part 2
(2014-02-20, 14:29)dhead Wrote: I've been doing a little more testing and I think I know how to solve this.

If I understand correctly when you hold the VolumeUp button the remote send a button hold event and when released the remote sends a release event.
When you hold another button like a "K" the remote will send a press key event (hold and release ?) and repeat again (with some delay) and again until you release the button.

I wouldn't have thought there's any difference with the remote as to what it sends when holding a button, so I imagine it sends the same sort of command whether I'm holding VolumeUp or the down button on the d-pad. The latter repeats in XBMC whilst the former doesn't though, so I guess the kernel must be doing something different when it sees that VolumeUp/Down is being pressed compared to the other keys and not sending repeats to XBMC.

If this is the case, perhaps a workaround would be to remap the VolumeUp/Down keys at/before the kernel level, so it sees them as normal keys/scancodes that it does send repeats for and then at the XBMC level, map these keys/scancodes to the Volume commands?

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