OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi Part 2
(2014-02-20, 16:49)dhead Wrote: [The kernel is too "stupid" to do this distinction (I'm not a developer but this distinction should be do in userspace not in the kernel).
This can't be solved by remapping the scancodes to other keycodes in the kernel with hwdb.d, I already tried it, See

I believe the repeats (and delays) are implemented by the mcu in the keyboard and got nothing to do with the OS.

OK. I wish there was some way to check for sure if the remote is not sending the volume buttons repeated unlike all the other buttons but I think Windows has too many layers of software in the way to easily find out exactly what it's doing.

Maybe the remote doesn't send repeats for any keys though and it's the OS that decides what to do when a key is held down (i.e between the Press signal and the Release signal) and the OS signals to XBMC when the other keys are held down and thus XBMC repeats the commands but it's not doing this for the Volume keys?

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