OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi Part 2
(2014-02-21, 19:55)delinend Wrote: I'm testing Gotham builds (r17767 from today) on my RaspberryPi, and sudenly i can't install XBMC LCDproc 2.3.2 add-on anymore :-(
It say... "Dependencies not met. Please contakct Add-on author"

In the Add-on list, it says: "XBMC LCDproc incompatible"

Any ideas ? Is this the build, or the add-on thats fail ?
It's the addon, as it has a dependency on xbmc.gui 4.0.0 but the latest build now only offers backward compatibility starting with 5.0.0. The addon needs to be updated, or drop back to the previous build.

(2014-02-21, 19:55)delinend Wrote: Small virus attack today.. Sorry. Now solved.

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