OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi Part 2
xbmc on my Pi never change to fullscreen video when dvdplayer attempts to start a DVD with Deinterlace Video=ON if the first thing that would have been shown is a dvd menu with a picture as background.

If the dvd menu has a movie as background, the problem does not occur.
With Deinterlace Video=OFF the problem does not occur.
If a short movie clip appears before the dvd menu is presented, the problem does not occur.

Problem occurs every time, it is not intermittent.

When I see this problem, I am able to manually switch to fullscreen video mode (in fullscreen video mode I can only see a black screen), but I am able to bring up OSD when I press menu button on my remote, so I can select deinterlace=OFF and press stop. If I then start the same DVD, it works fine because now I have deinterlace=OFF.

I have "Attempt to skip introduction before DVD menu" enabled.
I have only tested on Raspberry Pi. My xbmc is popcornmix newclock3-branch, commit 450ab3e

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