OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi Part 2
(2014-03-05, 19:19)allan87 Wrote: What about building from the gotham branch? Also, does Gotham going to beta mean that no further newclock3 PRs will be adopted (i.e. anything adopted will go to 14-alpha)?

I believe master is remaining in feature freeze until Gotham goes final, so until then there will be little difference between master and gotham.
(So I'd suggest Milhouse stays with master).

New features on newclock3 (like omxcodec/dvdplayer) will have to wait until feature freeze is over.
Any bug fixes on newclock3 could get into gotham.

The main one I'd like is to fix is multichannel PCM output from Pi Audio sink (e.g. to allow paplayer to play multichannel FLAC).
But that's not complete on newclock3, so is not ready yet.

I'd like to get the speedup to non-resized jpeg decode in, and the small audio packet improvement, but as they are not bug fixes, they probably won't be accepted.
As on frodo, I expect there will be a gotham_rbp_backports branch that includes some of these improvements, and openelec and raspbmc are free to build from this tree.

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