OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi Part 2
(2014-03-11, 21:17)popcornmix Wrote: I'm going to need help. I've just played about 50 files and no noises at start.
The files did include stereo mp3 @ 48kHz which I believe is reported to make a noise.

Can you post a sample file and describe your audio settings?
(I'm assuming this is omxplayer. I've been testing with analogue output).

Hi popcornmix,

I am more than happy to help. Unfortunately I'm going away in the morning for a few days but can continue with this when back next week if needed. Hopefully others with the same problem can chime in too.

I've just been doing some more testing to narrow down what's happening, but not really come to any conclusions.

Previously I was using HDMI (direct into a TV only), so seeing that you were using analogue, I plugged in a lead to test that and still get the same kind of noises. I've also been trying numerous combinations of audio settings (changing output configuration, upmix and normalize settings), again without influence.

My other settings remain as stated before - 2.0, no gui sound, no passthrough, no dual audio.

I've being randomly going back and forth through a number of music videos I have on disk (i mixture of all sorts of codecs and sample rates) working out which ones are effected. There are a good number (maybe half) that never suffer the noise burst. Most of the remainder occasionally do - its seems to depend somewhat on what was playing before and whether that was played to the end or not. There are then a handful of files that seem to exhibit the noise issue most or all times they are played. I cannot however find a pattern to these files - some files are 32kHz low-bit rate while others are more standard 44.1 or 48kHz. I will PM you a link to one of these files.

A comment on the noises made - most often it is a noise burst similar to white noise, very short in duration (maybe 100ms). Other times there appears to be some correlation between the previous track and the nature (in pitch and timbre) of the noise burst - almost like a DJ scratching a small section. This very much reminds me of issues relating to uncleared buffers I have come across with other software in the past.

Hope this helps you. I'll will check back while away but wont have access to the RPi until next week..

EDIT - forgot to add - it is OMXplayer only - DVDplayer seems to be fine.

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