OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi Part 2
Quote:I don't know how exactly XBMC is resolving hostnames to IP addresses to MAC addresses, but if the client "Mini" isn't visible on the network then it seems unlikely that the Pi or XBMC will be able to determine the MAC address which it needs for the wakeonlan.xml file. I would suggest posting in the general section about this (the discussion thread is here) unless you are certain it's a Pi/OpenELEC issue (can you reproduce with stock OpenELEC 4.0 Beta?)

My guess is that you need all your remote servers switched on and connected to your network when you first enable this feature, otherwise it will fail to find the MAC address of any server that is not active on the network.

PC and PI is on when i enable the option in the menu, i have test this with 2 PCs.

When i manual add "wakeonlan.xml", i think xbmc ignore the file.
When i test this with XBMC WOL addon, it running but only on pi starting.

I test today add Sources with IP(not hostname).

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