OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi Part 2
(2014-03-26, 12:19)evangelion Wrote:
(2014-03-25, 20:59)bagofcrap24 Wrote:
(2014-03-25, 18:12)evangelion Wrote: Just curious about something.

A clean install then update to the latest Millhouse build results in the rainbow splash, OpenElec screen, followed by a nice Gotham Freeze XBMC logo on boot.

An already existing install, followed by an update to the same Millhouse build, results in the rainbow splash, OpenElec, and then a generic XBMC logo?

Why is that? And out of interest where is the XBMC boot logo stored?

You had likely had a custom splash on at some point.

if you place a splash.png in /storage/.xbmc/media/ it will override the default xbmc boot splash.
as its in /storage it survives upgrades

There's nothing in /storage/.xbmc/media/ though, it's an empty folder?

So why doesn't an update display the Gotham Freeze logo on boot, instead of a generic one, as a fresh install does? And where IS the default logo stored?

XBMC built from the master branch uses the old Splash png:

XBMC built from the Gotham branch uses the new "freeze" Splash.png:

So you would have seen the new "freeze" splash when clean installing OE Beta1 or Beta2, but then having updated to my build you'd see the old non-freeze splash as you've now switched from the Gotham-branch build to a master-branch build.
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