OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi Part 2
(2014-03-30, 18:02)popcornmix Wrote: There will be a new toy to play with in the next build.

The Pi has some quite advanced scaling hardware which is able to do higher quality scaling than other ARM (and probably most PC) boxes.

I've added an API to the firmware where the scaling kernel (a 32 tap filter) can be controlled.
I've hooked that into the sharpness control on the video OSD.
I've used the sharpness control for now as that gives an unobtrusive slider at the top of screen, rather than the scaling method drop down which obscures most of the screen.

Can you confirm this only applies to omxplayer (and not dvdplayer, which doesn't appear to have the "(VDPAU)Sharpness" slider)?

+4 (0.08) and +7 (0.14) both seem quite good - my preference being +7, followed by +4.

Between +1 and +6 (excluding +4) the image detail becomes too soft, while +8 and beyond it becomes too pixelated.
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